Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fun Moments of Language Learning

My toddler daughter has taken to calling everything she doesn't know the word for "this". As we're trying to teach her we cannot read her mind and need more clarification, it's led to some amusing exchanges:

J.T.: (taking one of her toys) Let me see it.
Nene: (bursting into tears) My this! My this!

While Nene will often repeat words, it's not always when we would like it. For example, on J.T.'s birthday:

Me: Happy birthday, J.T.! Nene, say 'happy birthday'!
Nene: (smiles)
Me: Come on, Nene. It's your brother's birthday. Say, 'happy birthday'!
Nene: (smiles)
Me: Can you do it? Can you say, 'happy birthday'?
Nene: (still smiling, and with perfect pronunciation) No!

Scary to think Nene's old enough that I can start posting things she says. Even more scary to think that someday soon, I'll be hearing actual conversations between these two.

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