Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time for Rearranging

As I've worked on this blog, I've discovered a couple things. One, it's a great place to write things down when there's some special moment I'd like to remember with my kids through words rather than photos. But two, I'm really terrible at keeping up with blogs. The fanfiction angle was a load of a fun, but that is winding down as well. There are just so many things I want to put my time into, and pretending like I'm going to keep up with blogging regularly is unrealistic. (Also, a crazy-but-true fact: both my "babies" are well past their toddler years!)

I am working on a site purely for my fanfiction, which you can find here:

Any new writing news will now by posted on my main site:

Thanks to everyone who visited this blog over the years. It's been way different from what I expected, but it's all been fun. :)

-Katrina S. Forest