Thursday, April 10, 2014

He Verbed It!

JT loves art. A lot. We brought home some paintings he did at school the other day and he was adamant about holding one of them in his hands on the ride home (as opposed to his blanket or a toy.) Reluctantly, we let him hold it, expecting it to be in tatters halfway through the ride. Nope, he held it in his hands the whole time and told us all about it. ("My painting. I paint red. I paint yellow. My painting.")

For his 2nd birthday, we got him an art easel. It's got a side to a paint on and a side with a chalkboard. JT has only used chalk once or twice before and was fascinated with the idea that he could make a mark and erase it. He also used his perfect two-year-old logic to put a word to this activity:

Using paint = painting Using the eraser = erasing Using chalk = "chalking"

Yup, he's happily scribbling all over the chalkboard with a mile-wide smile as he declares, "I chalking! I chalking!"

Daddy comes up to him and says, "Did you just verb the word chalk?"

JT grins and answers, "Yeah."

Daddy gives him a high five.

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