Saturday, December 15, 2012

On saying stuff

I was Christmas shopping at the mall today when my other half looked as his news feed and commented that there'd been a shooting in CT.

Then he started to give me the details and I just felt sick. 

I teach kids that are only a year younger than these victims. I teach kids that believe the gingerbread men missing from the oven must've run into our classroom of their own accord. I teach kids who think my daughter is either going to phase through my belly or just be picked up at the hospital when she's ready to be born, because, hey, how else would it work? I teach kids who talk about the day they'll be "all grown-up" in reference to the day they enter third grade. And I think about what happened yesterday and I just start crying. 

People are angry, shocked, and devastated right now. People say a lot of stupid stuff when they are like that. If we don't do anything else in these coming days, let's at least be patient with each other and remember that. My heart breaks and my prayers are with the families and communities that are suffering right now.

P.S. Someone shared this link with me and I think it needs to be passed around some more:

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