Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seriousness and the Getting Thereof

One of the reasons I took the hiatus was because I got a bit obsessive over finishing that final edit. It is done, the queries are out, and honestly, I couldn't be happier to have that behind me.

A quick glance back at my writing timeline will show that there's a point where I decided I was serious about getting published. That it wasn't something I was going to dream about, but actively pursue. In fact, after I made this decision, I actually got irritated at people who talked about publishing a novel in a whimsical sort of way, but clearly weren't thinking of it as a real endeavor.

Then it hit me that this could apply to anything. I could dream about about having an awesome blog, but I'm not serious unless I sit down and work at it. I could dream about having quiet time every day where I read my Bible and chat with God or I could get serious and actually do that instead of obsessively checking my e-mail. I could dream about all these wonderful things the baby and I could do together, or I could actually work them into our schedule.

At some point, I have to decide that I'm more serious about some things than others, because there's only so much time in a day. And right now, even though I am working on a new novel, writing takes a back seat to several other, more important things. Because if there's one thing I never want this blog to be, it's an advice column about how to avoid your kid (or anything else that's important in life) so you can write a novel.

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