Monday, April 18, 2011

Letters to Preborn JT

I uncovered some letters I wrote to JT prior to his arrival.

September 3rd:
I think when you arrive, it will be hard at first to associate you with "that person who was kicking me." It's hard to learn much about a person's personality when the only information you have is feeling that person through a bubble. But I know a couple things about you:

1) You do not hold still for the doctor. Apparently, your heartbeat is your own business, and we would all save ourselves a lot of time by taking that silly machine elsewhere.

2) You like your space. If Mommy puts her arm or a book in your space, you will let her know right away that it needs to be moved.

3) You like playing hide-and-seek with Daddy. You know it makes Mommy look silly when she says, "JT's kicking!" and then when Daddy comes around, you're barely moving. I like that you occasionally give Daddy a few hard kicks to make me feel better. You two are going to gang up on me when you get bigger, aren't you?

December 9th:
You are hard to wait for. I know God has a wonderful day set aside to be your birthday, but I'm an awful guesser about which day that is. You should know, right now we're trying to come up with cool ways to remember your birthday. If you're born today, the month, day, and year are all prime. If you're born tomorrow, it's "twelve-ten-twenty-ten," which sounds cool when you say it. On the 11th, your birthday is a countdown: 12/11/10. And on the 12th, you get a double number like Mommy: 12/12. We haven't planned past that.

(Incidentally, we did not have to plan past that. Also, incidentally, I either got the date wrong on that last entry or the baby ate my brain that day because none of those numbers are prime.)

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